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Công ty Luật Hà Huy, điện thoại 0913.577.696 (Việt Nam), (0049)017.657.759.572 (Châu Âu) tên giao dịch quốc tế "HAHUY LAW FIRM" được Sở Tư pháp TP Hà Nội cấp giấy phép hoạt động ngày 03/11/2009. Nhãn hiệu Công ty được bảo hộ tại Việt Nam, Ba Lan, Séc và Cộng hòa liên bang Đức. Luật sư Công ty là những chuyên gia pháp...
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Founded by experienced lawyers, active in many prestigious companies such as Vietnam National Oil & Gas Group, Thanglong Construction Corporation, BIDV Bank, VIB ... Hahuy Law Firm – Hanoi Bar Association professional activities in the areas of legal advice related to capital projects of foreign investment in Vietnam, business, finance - banking - securities contracts commercial and industrial property; dispute resolution, civil litigation, criminal and some other areas for domestic and foreign customers.

HAHUY has a network of close relationships with law firms, consulting companies overseas and this has helped our service is constantly expanding and improving the quality. So far, HAHUY has become a reliable address for the business community both inside and outside the country as well as of numerous people.
Highlights HAHUY is able to provide consulting services as a whole and the comprehensive investors and businesses range from market survey, the establishment of the project until the job as consultant Legal aspects of financial matters, technology transfer, legal counsel, protection of industrial property rights, dispute settlement. In any complex situation, the clients come to us always be the real solution while ensuring the compliance with the law.
In civil cases, business - commercial, the company's lawyers with experience in management positions in corporations / companies, as well as the agencies of central government departments and local understanding of the "knot" of the business / people and seek to remove reasonable, legitimate, conscientious and thoughtful. The participation of the litigation lawyer Hahuy Law Firm has brought positive results for clients.
Motto of HAHUY is "Professional from the beginning"
Hahuy Law Firm does not itself endorse or advertise a law firm leading Vietnam because we believe that the assessment is due to the customer itself, the company's clients. We have only one thing in mind: Check the client, the client is their loved ones. That new company is targeted towards.

Address: Tan Xuan street, Bac Tu Liem district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Tel: (0084024) 38.327.723      - Fax: (0084024) 37.579.567       - Email: tuhahuy@vnn.vn     -  tuhahuy@gmail.com


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